Arc Flash Protection Shield ARC PCE 12 Cal S2K1-PCT

12 cal/cm² Helmet Mounted Arc Protective Shield

Visor Materyali: Polikarbonat
Dimensions: 18,4cm x 50,8cm x 0,15cm
Weight: 0.298 g (13 oz)
Color: Green


This product maximizes the ATPV Arc Thermal Protection Value of 12 cal/cm2 with a Green Color providing an excellent field of view and an ergonomic assembly that is convenient for the worker. The Chin Protector provides additional protection at the chin and neck areas. Attachment systems are available for most Caps and Full brim Helmets.


Lens İşaretlemesi: 2C-1.4 PMC 1 B 8-2-1 3 CE

EN 166, ANSI Z87.1

GS-ET-29 (Class 2)

ASTM F2178, NFPA 70E