Electric ARK Jacket/Pants G2L ARC/A CLASS 2 (7kA)

Outer Fabric: 65% Viscose FR, 22% Aramid, 12% Polyamide, 1% Antistatic
Inner Fabric: 64% Viscose FR, 30% Conex, 5% Twaron 1% Antistatic


• The body of the user; protects against the negative effects of electric arc such as heat, pressure, molten particle.
• 89/686 / EEC Personal Protective Equipment.
• Certified according to European standard IEC 61482-2 and has CE mark.
• Performs Class 2 (7kA) performance according to EN 61482-1-2 standard.
• Dress consists of two parts: jacket and trousers.
• Dress is double layer.


• FR black textile zipper (velcro tape),
• FR type bone toothed zipper,
• 100% Aramid yarn is used for sewing,
• Single row horizontal 5 cm non-flammable reflective (yellow-gray-yellow or red-gray-red) on chest, back, arms and trousers,
• Provides high protection with zipper protective front pat preventing flame entry,
• There are 3 pockets in trousers and 3 pockets in jackets / coats.
• FR textile zipper (velcro strap) cuffs are adjusted to suit your wrist.
• Jacket/Pants or Coat/Pants are available.


EN ISO 11612:2015 A1+A2 B1 C1 F1
EN 61482-1-2:2015 Class 2 (7 kA)
ATPV: 28 cal/cm²
EN 1149-3:2004
EN 1149-5:2008